Monday, August 31, 2009

"What's for Dinner?"

When I was a kid, I couldn't understand why
Grandma would ask herself that question throughout the whole day.
It seemed like she always struggles with that questions.
So she walks around the house and repeat the question non-stop,
maybe there's some interludes when she sings.

"What's for dinner?"
As a child,
I was always so scared to make a suggestion.
Yet I was always hoping she would decide on something like
dumplings, or fried chicken, or korean bbq,
or chicken with mushrooms,
or pork with glass noodles.

"What's for dinner?"
The question sounded rather dull to me
when it was my parents turn to answer this question.
Dinner was rarely good for me when i was a tweenager.
My parents were pretty bad cooks when it comes to a lot of things.

Tonight, as a twenty,
I'm asking myself
"What's for dinner?"
Beef pad-sew, or spicy spaghetti?
Beef chow fun. or chicken fried rice?
Sushi or korean bbq?
Lucky Boys or the Hat?
for snacks, but not for din.
for dessert, maybe.
cheap, fast, and good.
but that means
I'll have to run for 4 hours
just to burn off all that.

Fuck, I'll just go to subway.
If I find another extra 20 dollars,
I'll drive to venice for a margarita.