Monday, August 31, 2009

The Un-heard-of

"Are you happy?"

who on earth would ask me that?

well, some folks from my "past life" asked me that question a few times on an eventful saturday night.
They're from another planet. Or maybe I'm from another planet.

"Yes." I said it coz I thought I had to. A few seconds later, I realized that I am actually happy.
"Yes. I am happy. Yeah, it's great to do what I love. Not everyone gets to do that."
At that moment, it felt like I've never felt happier.

What made me the happiest was I realized how much I've changed in the past couple years and how much I've changed again in 45 minutes.

"When you look at everything, it all just seem so.....silly. All of them, except for what you do for a living."