Monday, July 13, 2009


is working women/men's louis vitton/dior/dolce & gabbana/chanel.

According to Christian, J.Crew is a store you would go to if you don't wanna look at your picture 20 years from now on and then you go like "oh my gosh, what the hell was i wearing?". Another way to say it is J.Crew prevents fashion regrets.

personally I think they have couple pieces of cool stuff every season. however i've grown a bit tired of it coz it always plays so cleverly safe. But that's the point, you'll look classy instead of slutty. It doesn't give you much street cred but it definitely adds up your "production value". As from Will Farrell's Anchorman, you'll look like kind of a big deal. Yet you're not even spending ridiculously amount of money.

no, sasha fierce. you'll never find a freakum dress from this store.

it's perfect for gifts for moms/dads/in-laws bribing since its so stylishly conservative.

also loved by grown women who stays classy not "klassy".

i don't know why it's called J.Crew. That just sounds like a 80's rap group to me. J.Crew. J's crew. who's j? and why would i wanna be in j's crew?

alright. i get it. it's the cool crew, so it doesn't matter who the hell j is.