Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't Think Too Highly of Yourself, you freaking hipster.

i have a love and hate relationship with hipsters.
i love them because they always inspire me in everyway.
i hate them because they think they're so artistic and they know so much about art, and it pisses me off when some of them actually don't know shit. and a lot of them are fucking balling. that's why they have all the time in the world to party and be hipsters.

ok, we get it. you're a hipster. and you know how to pose. you have a million dollar living room filled with the smell of west hollywood interior design firms. and you bought sculptures from japan. you know they're made in china, right? i bet you cheated the decorations by buying them from urban outfitters. you live and breathe their products because that makes you more artistic. aren't you fucking smart?!

you live a happy life and you are not afraid to express yourself, that's what your pointy shoes are telling me.

o, now you're outside of your fucking estate? how long did it take you from your living room #16 to your beautiful outdoor patio #5? i bet that's a fucking long walk. but you don't mind because you think eating whole foods organic fruit while walking is how you appreciate life.
and yes, making your backyard look exactly like getty center does help with the whole concept of "being more artistic." o and you get a view of downtown LA? does it help with spotting all the parties? or it is some performance art that you love to watch? whats up with the outfit? gay hipster fresh prince of bel air??

get over yourself, you fucking hipster. those american apparel briefs are no good for your penis.