Saturday, June 27, 2009

Small Things

i've spent a quiet large part of my life trying to figure out what's the key to a successful relationship/friendship/partnership/whatever-ship.

now after parting my ways with two of the friends that were closest to me for years, i figured it out: it's the small things. it's always the smallest things.

we've had our big ups and downs. but those big tensions, you get over them. you talk them over or do whatever it takes to make it up.

but it's always those smallest things. like some things they've said or somethings i've done, that when it happened, you're like o well it doesn't matter whatever. but at a point the small things adds up. and from these small things, you find out about what this person really thinks about you. 

it's always those small things. i've found out all the key answers to the relationship/friendship problems by looking back at these small things. because once you start looking into them, nothing is trivial.