Thursday, April 30, 2009

is my Chinese name.

it means the appearance of the sun, after the rain, the clouds, the dark night.

they all say you'll grow into your own name. i never really believed it much until right now. 

After the storm, I'm the harbor you can land on.
After the darkest of the night, I'm the morning you wake up to.
After the torture of the desert, I'm the tropical beach you can sit by and sip pina colada while watching me dancing, smiling at you.

"I'm a tree that grows heart, one for each that you take." - Bjork.

But where were you when the tree needed water?

"you hurt me so much, but when i'm around you you make me feel so much better." loser said it. loser said it to another loser when i was crying, breaking down, dying. losers turned to the other loser coz i don't mean shit.

“答应我,就算我醒来没有白昼,你不会像他们一样不肯说出感受。告诉我,在我最软弱的时候,你伸出过左手还是右手?” - 王力宏




am i too plain? too simple? too naive? so that everyone around me seems to have dark clouds.

i'm sunshine. so i guess i'm just supposed to shine on everyone else because i don't need anything from anyone. i guess i'm just there for the party to enjoy. 

just watch me burn.