Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Treatment

I recently became a fan of LUSH Cosmetics.

Last week I accidentally walked into their Pasadena Store, got a hand treatment. The girl scrubbed my hand with the Buffy bar. And it just felt great. Everything is organic and handmade. And I just LOVED how glowy and soft my skin was after the treatment. I didn't get anything then and there because I thought the price was a bit high.

The other day I was at Santa Monica. One of the LUSH girls came out of the store and gave me a 10 dollar LUSH gift card that I could use with a purchase. I was like ok awesome. I walked in, got some more hand treatment and played with some more of their products. I've never ever been this girly before. But this time I just felt like it's cool to be a girl and get to play with all their products while pampering myself. Thanks to Maggie.

I stopped my this soap called Sexy Peel. It's basically a citrusy soap with orange peel bits in there. It smelled so amazing I had to get a piece of that. And so I did. : )

And there's Buffy. Felt so goddamn fucking good. I ended up spending 11 dollars on that so I could get my piece of Sexy Peel for free.

Total came out to be around 12 bucks, including tax. I got 2 pieces of soaps to play with in the shower. As soon as I got home I just jumped right into my shower and played with them. They smelled so great I felt like I don't even have to spend money on air fresheners anymore.  When I came out of the shower, my skin was GLOWINGGGGGG and so effing soft. I couldn't keep my hands off from myself.